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HERBATINT Hair Gel 4N (Chestnut)

[No. 8016744500043]

HERBATINT Hair Gel 4N (Chestnut)
HERBATINT Hair Gel 4N (Chestnut)

  • HERBATINT Hair Gel 4N (Chestnut)
  • HERBATINT Hair Gel 4N (Chestnut)

HERBATINT Hair Gel 4N (Chestnut)

[No. 8016744500043]

HKD 165.00

HERBATINT染髮霜60ml, 顯色敷用劑60ml, 蘆薈草本洗髮露15ml, 貴族營養蘆薈修護素
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Product Details

Herbatint™ - Natural Herb Base 

HERBATINT™ has been formulated using the minimum pharmaceutical chemical ingredients which, balanced with vegetal extracts from plants and herbs creates a unique hair colour formula that not only gently colours your hair but protects and nourishes it.

No Ammonia  
Specially formulated from herb extracts and proteins, HERBATINT™ uses rosemary, cinchona and walnut husk, to gently deposit colour, achieving a natural, vibrant result for your hair

No Damage 
Due to its unique composition, HERBATINT™ permanently colours hair without damage - resulting in a natural, subtle colour that not only looks great, but feels good time after time

Natural Gloss and Shine  
HERBATINT™ has a natural translucent property to enhance your hair with a light-reflecting, healthy shine; so it doesn't create the 'block colour' look often associated with chemical colourants

Vegetal™ Hair Colour
A range of true semi-permanent hair colours. These colours enhance the shine and clarity of your natural hair colour whilst greatly improving the condition of the hair. VEGETAL™ hair colour will not do more than mask any but the earliest few white hairs.

Caution : Contain 1.11%P-PHENYLENEDIAMINE As the mix 1:1 ready to be used, this preparation may causeserious inflammation of the skin in certain persons and should be used only inaccordance with expert advice.

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